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Damage Mitigation and Avoidance in SWTAAAAAR….err SWTOR

One thing I’ve always never quite fully grasped was how the mitigation and avoidance mechanics work in this game. After doing a ton of research trying to figure this all out and going through tons of posts on the forums (i hate gaming forums) and misinformation trying to explain how the mechanics work I’ve finally figured it out and I will try and explain them as best and as simply as I can.

First off every ability in the game has an attack/ability type. The four different attack/ability types are:

  • Melee (White Numbers)
  • Ranged (White Numbers)
  • Force (Yellow Numbers)
  • Tech (Yellow Numbers)

Only MELEE and RANGED abilities will roll against your defense and shield chance. FORGET ABOUT ARMOR RATING WE HAVEN’T GOTTEN TO THAT PART YET

Now in the screenshot below I used Force Choke which is a force/yellow damage attack. Yellow damage numbers means that the ability will always hit and can never be absorbed by a shield or parried/deflected, defense and shield chance ratings have no effect on yellow damage.

The tooltip on the skills pane states that force choke is a force ability

In this other screenshot I used Vicious Slash which is a melee type ability and therefore does white damage. My enemy had a chance to parry my attack and assuming it had a shield equipped it also had a chance to have its shield absorb some of the damage. White damage abilities always have a chance to be parried/deflected or part of the damage absorbed by a shield

The tooltip on the skills pane states that Vicious Slash is a Melee ability

Now so far we haven’t said anything about the armor rating. This is because armor rating has nothing to do with attack type. An abilities attack type determines whether or not the ability will be rolled against your defense/shield chance stat. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ARMOR RATING.

So onto damage types. There are four different types of damage:

  • Energy/lightsabers
  • Kinetic/blasters
  • Internal
  • Elemental

Your armor only helps mitigate ENERGY and KINETIC damage

Once again in the screenshot  below I used Force Choke which deals Kinetic damage. Kinetic damage is mitigated by armor so even though my Force Choke bypassed my opponents defense and shield chance my opponents armor is mitigating the damage done by my Force Choke, not that it will help this mob very much anyway :)

The tooltip for Force Choke states that the damage type is Kinetic

Now Vicious Slash does weapon damage and since I’m playing a Sith Juggernaut I wield a lightsaber which is energy damage. Energy damage is mitigated by armor. So in this case Vicious Slash had to go through my opponents defense and shield chance ratings and once it passed, the damage was then mitigated by my opponents armor.

An abilities damage type determines whether or not the ability will be mitigated by armor. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DEFENSE AND SHIELD CHANCE.

One last example in case you haven’t quite got it yet

So lets say Bioware adds this new crazy ability into the game called ORMIGA SMAAAAAAASH!!! and the tooltip says it does elemental damage and the abilities pane says it is a melee type attack. Well since its a melee type attack the ability will have to go through my opponents defense and shield chance rating. If it passes it goes on to roll against my opponents armor but because the tooltip says it is elemental damage and armor does not mitigate elemental damage then ORMIGA SMAAAAAAASH!!! will bypass my opponents armor rating

Next post ill try and explain how critical hits and accuracy rating affect my defense/shield and armor. I can already imagine going through a bajillion different formulas people have come up with to explain the affect crit chance and accuracy rating have on armor and defense/shield chance. Leave a comment!

Does anyone know if any class has a force/tech ability that does internal/elemental damage?



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