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Necromancer WvW Zerg Build

Necro 1

This is my Necromancer WvW build. I’ve tried many different builds from condition epidemic builds to super tanky builds and even full glass cannon builds and I think this build is the best WvW build for a Necromancer that I’ve ever used. This build gives the Necromancer plenty of survivability while providing great AoE damage. The purpose of the build is to take advantage of the Necromancer’s exceptional AoE abilities.

Final Stats
3267Power (with Bloodlust stacks)
50% Crit Chance
47% Crit Damage
2785 Toughness
21892 Health
20% Boon Duration
30% Life Force Pool

Food Used:
Loaf of Saffron Bread
-20% damage while stunned, knocked down, or knocked back
-20% condition duration

Master Maintenance Oil
Gain precision equal to 6% of your toughness
Gain precision equal to 4% of your vitality

The role of this build:
This build fulfills the role of a backliner but allows you to push with frontliners as well. At the start of a fight you should push with the frontliners to help absorb some of the damage. Even though Necromancers are a scholar class and a casting one they are some of the best frontliners as well. The death shroud mechanic allows Necromancers to frontline just as effectively as guardians or warriors. After the initial push the Necromancer should disengage and pull back into a backliner role. If you want to front line all the time then use full PVT gear with this build instead.

Trait Explanation:

20 Curses:
The first trait taken is Chilling Darkness which is awesome in WvW. This trait chills foes for 1 sec every time you blind them, it may seem underwhelming but it is an awesome trait to have. This will work with Plague form 2 skill which poisons, blinds, and also chills targets and its AoE as well.
Our second trait is focused rituals for targetable wells. No explanation necessary here.

20 Death Magic:
I absolutely hate this trait line but I go into it for the mandatory Greater Marks trait as well Staff Mastery. Staff is our main weapon and both traits increase the effectiveness of our staff skills. Faster recharge time on our staff skills is crucial especially for our 4 and 5 skills.

30 Soul Reaping:
First trait gives our life blast 1 skill a piercing effect which is awesome in large fights especially since life blast  hits pretty hard.

Second trait is Soul Marks which increases life force generation of marks by 3%. Marks give no life force generation at all and we lack skills that increase life force generation, in fact we only have 1 skill that gives life force generation and thats attached to the worst auto attack in the game, staff 1. This helps out a lot to increase your life force pool. This skill synergizes well with Greater Marks and Staff Mastery as well. Also the minor trait here gives a free protection boon that triggers when your health reaches 50%. This minor trait can save your life sometimes.

Third trait is Foot in the Grave which gives stability for 3 seconds everytime you enter Death Shroud. This trait is awesome and prevents the Necromancer from becoming a pinball in WvW. This also prevents interrupts to your Life Transfer skill. Life Transfer does great AoE damage and having it interrupted is a huge hit to damage output. The second minor trait in curses also gives fury for 5secs every time you enter Death Shroud which makes Life Transfer crit more often and thus hit harder. The minor trait here gives an extra 5% damage if life force is above 50%.

Videos of build in action:

I have many other videos under my Necromancer WvW playlist as well

Ideal Rotation:
Why is it important to follow a rotation?
If your guild uses combo fields and blast finishers to increase effectiveness Necromancers cannot just spam every single skill and cooldown at the beginning of a push. Our wells are shadow fields and staff 3 is a poison field. If we use these skills when guild group is calling for a specific combo to be used then you will mess up those combos. Therefore a rotation that doesn’t use those skills with combo fields is necessary.

What do I do if I can’t follow the rotation and have to improvise?
Whatever you do don’t use wells or staff 3 if you have to improvise

Start off pushing with the frontliners with a staff and use 4 > 5. Switch to Axe/Focus then grab a target and use 4 > 3. Go into death shroud and use 5 > 4 then you can start using wells and switch back to staff as soon as you can.

staff 4 > 5 > switch weapons > 4 > 3 > death shroud > 5 >4 > use wells > switch to staff ASAP

When it comes to PvP the ideal rotation can’t always be used. Sometimes you have to improvise. Most of the time you might have to cut out most of the rotation and go straight into Death Shroud if you see you didn’t get any stability before the push. If you go with the usual rotation you’ll be affected by all the line of wardings and static fields put down and fall behind the group. Pay attention to your boon bar. If you don’t see stability forego the entire rotation and start at the Death Shroud part.

Tips to use this Build:
Save staff 4 for when you have lots of conditions, setting up an AoE bomb, or when you have a large bleed stack on yourself. DO NOT JUST SPAM THIS SKILL.

When going into plague form, spam 2 and only 2 skill. The poison, blind, and chill is far better than the other 2 skills from plague form.

Don’t be in a hurry to put your wells on cooldown. Find a good spot to put them in where they will hit the max amount of players it can for its full duration and watch to see what your teammates are doing.

The great thing about Necromancer survivability is that not every stat point needs to be dumped into getting more armor and health. Death Shroud acts as a second life bar which protects your main life bar in sticky situations. Plague form and constant use of Death Shroud will increase your survivability considerably for those zerg fights. NEVER DIE WITH A FULL BAR OF LIFE FORCE OR PLAGUE OFF COOLDOWN. Thats just bad play.

Kill ambient creatures to raise your life force pool. Don’t go into combat without life force.

What do I do if I get CC’d and caught by the enemy melee train?
Use Spectral Armor immediately and Death Shroud. Spectral armor will not only break the stun but grant you protection which will lessen the damage and Death Shroud will give you 3secs of stability, immediately double dodge roll away before you get caught by an immobilize and then use death shroud 2 on an enemy that is away from the main zerg. Also remember that the food you’re using lessens incoming damage when you’re stunned by 20%. Don’t panic, there’s a good chance you can survive if you get caught.


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